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Premiums and eligibility for life insurance depend on a few factors including - age, gender, smoking status and residency.

Once it has been over 12 months since you last consumed nicotine or tobacco, you will be able to apply for and/or change to non-smoker rates. If you are unsure about when you can apply for non-smoker rates, speak to our advisors and they can guide you.

If you are a temporary resident e.g., a work permit holder, on a student permit, a convention refugee or have another temporary immigrant status, we have options for you. Speak to our advisors, on the coverage options available for temporary residents.

You can apply for coverage for others as long there is an insurable interest, i.e. if their passing away will cause you a financial loss or hardship. The person to be insured should give their consent and help complete the application.

Yes, we are a Canadian insurance brokerage and operate across multiple provinces. Our mission is to help our clients save money while comparing and buying insurance online.